Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Ripple Journey Starts Here...

Rainbow Ripple
The start of my rainbow ripple blanket
Well, I've started it. The rainbow ripple blanket that I've been thinking about for a while now. Taking inspiration from the likes of Attic 24 and According to Matt I wanted one of my own. Not just to own one, but to make one. To achieve greatness in treble crochet form. To prove myself a half decent crocheter type (!) A coming of age in the hooking world.
I have of course still to finish my granny square scarf featured in my last blog. As written I had run out of the wool I was using on Saturday and ordered some more online (it was dispatched Saturday as I received it on Monday - Deramores - good, very good) and the hold-up only left my fingers itching to hook and so that's when I picked up the Rico Design Creative Cotton and made a chain of 325 stitches.
I have been gathering the yarn over a while from various places so I could get lots of different colours and take advantage of offers and discounts. I have spent a fair amount of money even though each 50g ball costs between £1.59 and £1.89 which is very reasonable, but the size of this blanket is enormous (I hope not too big) so it follows it would cost.
I keep all the yarn in it's lovely rainbow colours in my washing basket and each time I walked past I felt excited by the prospect of it turning into a big blanket and felt happy at the sight of the colours.  I couldn't wait any longer to get it going.
Being a big project it IS going to take a long time. I'm not going to set myself a time limit as that in my eyes makes things stressful.  I am slightly scared of losing momentum and abandoning the whole thing and hiding it in my cupboard of un-finisheds but if I accept that some weeks I will do loads of stitches and others none at all maybe my love of it won't turn to resentment and that won't happen. I feel publishing my progress on my blog (hello to you and thanks for reading) will keep me encouraged to see it through to the end, a bit like going to Weight Watchers and being weighed every week, you somehow have more will-power with the knowledge that someone is tracking your progress.
And I will of course make other things along the way. My creative mind can't help thinking of new things to crochet and sew, I have a long list. And I really want to get out the old projects that need finishing off too. My mother-in-law has asked my to make a patchwork quilt for her bed as they are re-decorating and as it's such an honour that someone else would like anything I make in their house that of course that's something I will crack on with.
So I have a lot of things to keep me occupied, which is a very good thing as I need to have something to focus on.
This is a very 'wordy' blog for me, I guess I just need to get my thoughts out there. In the meantime this week this is what we've been up to:
And while it rained this afternoon we fired up the DVD player and watched the first series of Miranda  - 
"You know when you get embarrassed socially you end up lying to impress?
Exactly, we all do it!"
we laughed and I did a few more rippling rows xx

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