Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cherry Pinny

When I was rummaging through my tea-towels the other day I found this pretty pinny I made some time ago. I don't wear aprons or pinnys as a rule (my mother-in-law always does) but do think they look fab when I want to play 'house' and pretend to be a domestic goddess (some of you may already be a goddess in the kitchen, I'm more of a 'oh my dear god don't go near the cooker again - ess').  I love the photos on the inside cover of Nigella's 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' book and took inspiration from there.

I have an absolute love of cherry print fabric and have a selection of various ones in my stash. The red polka-dot goes so well and I must admit I use this combination a lot.

The frill and bow are a frivolous addition, the whole thing reminiscent of the 50's housewife. I love the fashion and styling from that era, although I do think it's a bit romanticised. I wouldn't want to be a housewife of that time though as I would miss my friends: Mr Dishwasher, Mr Washing Machine, his brother Mr Tumble Dryer and of course Mr Click & Collect!
The sun is shining today, much better than yesterday. A beautiful autumn day to enjoy xx

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