Friday, 9 November 2012

Keep or Go

In our house, with four children, we often play the game Keep or Go. This is when I decide that we need a sort out of clothes, toys etc as we have so much stuff and not enough storage so it's time for a cull.
Of course we are lucky to have plenty of lovely clothes, and loads of toys given as gifts or bought for being 'good' (or even Santa brings round) so when the clothes and toys have been 'grown out of' I hold up each item and the child it belongs to says keep or go. It is then put in the appropriate pile to either be put back tidily or taken to the charity shop. With children growing as they do this is a game played often (probably not often enough) with the extra jeopardy at the end of the process where Daddy looks through the bag and sneaks out the odd item to hide away as he's a sentimental hoarder and would keep EVERYTHING if he had his own way.
Now our little baby girl is already growing out of some of her clothes even though she hasn't been with us for half a year yet and today I cleared her draws of all the baby-gros and little vesties and small things that don't fit her anymore and even me, the ruthless de-clutterer, felt a twinge of sadness at having to put the newborn outfits away.
While pregnant with our smallest member of the family I knitted a few cardigans and booties and hats in anticipation of her arrival. We didn't know if we were having a boy or a girl so I chose neutral colours and lovely soft, natural fibre yarns. I have long loved making things but while pregnant I was particularly creative and a lot of things featured on earlier blogs were made during this time. I often wonder if our baby will grow up to be a creative soul due to my almost obsessional crafty pregnancy! And of course these hand-made items were folded and put away with the other small clothes.
But you know, maybe my Husband has a point. Some things are worth keeping.
Hand knitted baby cardigans

Hand knitted baby booties and hats
The good thing that comes from having a clear out though is that space is made for all the new creations of the future!
I'm not the only creative bod in this house by the way. My husband wrote a lovely song for his daughter, hear it on his sound cloud, entitled 'Lady Leyna Jayne'
Have a lovely weekend xx

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  1. Glad you kept those gorgeous hand knits. We also had a big clear out in half term - including children's clothes. I had no problem parting with all the worn out vests, but the teeny tiny cardigans and hats my mum knitted for our youngest - well, they are definitely keepers.