Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ragdolls & Granny Squares

Ragdoll Friends
Best of Friends!
I have been happily making granny squares from the left over yarn I used for the baby ripple blanket. I thought I would have enough to make a scarf for myself, but no. As usual I have misjudged the amount needed and have run out of the rose pink and plum colours (the colours used to make the pom-poms for the blanket)

Granny Square Scarf
Half done scarf
I really like how the scarf is looking. The denim colour I've used as my joining colour really appeals to me and I wear my denim jacket a lot and I think it will go well. So yes, I went online back to Deramores and ordered some more of the yarn I need to complete my project, missing the Saturday  order before 1pm for same day dispatch by 7 minutes (they are speedy posting out so it will probably come on Tuesday).
I did feel really frustrated as if I had enough yarn I possibly could've finished the scarf this weekend. I didn't want to put it away as I do have an awful habit of not finishing things and I'm trying to buck that trend and get all projects in my unfinished pile done. So the little dollies that have been lying half done on the computer printer for a couple of weeks benefited from my hold-up and I finished them off in about 20 minutes.
They are from Mollie Makes (where else?) but I did add to the pattern as I thought they were a bit skinny. What I like best about them is that the heads and bodies are joined together before sewing around the edge. I find it really hard to attach toy necks to bodies after stuffing, it never feels very secure to me.
So I'm glad that I finished off one of many unfinisheds, and they are sweet. Hopefully my baby girl will appreciate them when she's a bit older. I will carry on with my scarf next week when the postman calls.......
PS. late last night I was very naughty and started the big ripple blanket I've been dreaming about for weeks, will I ever learn?
I'll keep you posted with my progress - on all the projects!!

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