Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sew Happy....

Here's a few pics of the felt cupcake workshop at Fancy Coffee Shop.
I for one had a really enjoyable time and have received lots of positive feedback from my lovely ladies. I get a lot of pleasure from my hobby of 'making things', and I'm glad I'm able to share it all with others.

Everyone went home with their finished felt cupcakes, happy with the results.
The finished cakes in their individual presentation box.

The next workshop, crocheting a granny square has lots of interest and is on the 4th December, at Fancy.

Thanks to all that attended for making the evening enjoyable and successful.
And a special thank you to my gorgeous friend Sharon for the lovely gift she gave me:
It really is just my cup of tea, I love it!
(if you can't read the caption in the photo it says: 'A creative and intelligent woman engaged in the noble art of clothes making; both at home and in the workplace' - noble eh? like it )

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