Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Baby Ripple Blanket

Baby Ripple Blanket with Pom-Poms
Baby Ripple Blanket with Pom-Poms

Oh how I enjoyed making this little crochet ripple pattern blanket.  I loved the waviness of the pattern and the autumnal colours too.

Nicki Trench gorgeous book and King Cole wool
The exciting start of the project!
 The pattern is from the wonderful book of mine: Cute & Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes by Nicki Trench (The picture of the blanket on the front of the book was what made me buy it in the first place) and the wool is King Cole Merino Blend DK from Deramores.

The ripple pattern is so easy once you get going and really enjoyable to do. It's perfect for sitting on the sofa of an evening gently treble-crocheting your way along, pondering all of the worlds wonders.

With all the main blanket finished it was just a case of making the border to frame the little delight and then adding the cute pom-poms for a bit of fun.


It's just the right size to use in the pushchair or in the car and in this weather it's nice and snuggly and warm.

Now time for a big version for moi!

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