Sunday, 21 October 2012

Crochet Primrose Square Blanket

Crochet Primrose Square Blanket
Crochet Primrose Square Blanket
Well, as promised is a crochet delight I've recently finished for you to peruse. I've called it the primrose square blanket as it's made up of 25 primrose granny squares finished with a border.
Crochet Primrose Square Blanket
My blanket spread out on the sofa
I bought the Rowan handknit cotton yarn from John Lewis with the intention of making a bag, now for the life of me I can't remember why I changed my mind but I did and decided on granny squares. I soon ran out of yarn and when I took my daughter and her friends to see LOL at the cinema in Milton Keynes I took the opportunity to buy some more. Bit expensive at £3.45 a ball but it is quality and nice to crochet with.
 The primrose is made of pink, cream and cassis colours and is lovely as a flower on it's own.  I then used the chocolate brown colour to make the square shape. As I was sewing the squares together I wasn't that keen on it and was going to call it 'Primrose in the Mud' because it seemed quite dull.
I then added the border, which I made up myself.  I crocheted the scalloped edge to copy the cassis petals in the middle of the flowers. The border really made a difference as it lifted the colours and bought them all together.
So once the border was on I really liked it again and was really pleased with my effort. It is really heavy for a small blanket which gives it a quality feel and I like the subtle colours.
It's now lives nicely on the back of our old brown leather sofa.

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  1. Another beautiful make. Oh for more hours in the day, and I would crochet. This has tempted me, though... currently making those little apple and pear pincushions - partly inspired by your post a while back, and partly from the Apple Fair in Bromham yesterday. I think I like them a bit too much to give away...