Friday, 5 October 2012

Leyna-jayne's Play Quilt

Patchwork Quilt with Apple Appliqué
 This is a quilt top I started this time last year and only finished off a fortnight ago.  I started with the apple template and practised with the buttonhole stitch on my ancient Singer sewing machine as the edging to each motif.
The size of each patch was determined by the size of the apples and the red and green fabrics from my stash (and Tudor Rose in Oakley) were perfect colours for my project.
Drying in the fresh air after its first wash

Appliqué apple and hand stitched quilting
The quilt top was fairly quick to make and so I decided to hand quilt using embroidery thread on each patch. Thats where I got fed up and with a sore finger because I hadn't used a thimble I folded the quilt away and hid it in my sewing cupboard with all my other unfinished projects (there are many).
It stayed hidden for almost a year until I decided to tackle all the unfinished and took it out only to fall in love with the cheery colours and satisfying appliqué.  As my finger was well recovered and I had my baby girl to give it to it didn't take long to complete. I am filled was total pleasure when LJ stares at the patterns and colours and seems to really love her play-mat.
As for all the other unfinished - well, there's always tomorrow!

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  1. Beautiful! Love the fresh colours and apples. What a lucky girl.