Sunday, 2 December 2012

Thrifty Flowers

It's our little niece's first birthday this week and we spent a lovely day at her house with all the family celebrating her special day. Mummy and Daddy had made yummy food and the little babies were so well behaved, a good time was had by all.

We were organised with her presents a few weeks back. My other niece (who is grown up and has children of her own, and from the other side of the family) had made a picture with some pretty fabric, a 3-d frame and some scrabble letters spelling out the name of baby niece. It is such a lovely gift, she had already made one for my daughter, I didn't want to add the photo of it as the full name is visible (data protection???) but take my word for it, it's lovely. I had also bought a tea-set. Because I love toy tea-sets and this was such pretty colours. I wanted to keep it for my baby. And I didn't think to take a picture of that.

But to get to the point of this blog..... I had got her presents but forgot the wrapping. Prettily wrapped presents are wonderful and I normally pride myself on my gift presentation, so on Saturday morning I was rummaging around in the box for suitable paper etc. I found some lovely coloured stripe paper and dotty tags       and then quickly crocheted a couple of flowers to adorn the gifts.

The flowers came out well and I was chuffed with myself for having the idea!

That's thrifting for you!

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