Friday, 28 September 2012

Harvest Time

Apple & Pear pincushions
2 of my 5-a-day!
These 2 mini pincushions fashioned as an apple and pear took literally minutes to make. I thought they would be much more fiddly but in fact were really easy.  I did machine the sections together first and then finished off with hand sewing.  I think I might get addicted to making them, probably end up with a basket full!


  1. Gorgeous! Did you get this from the Guardian? Saw it ages ago and has been on my to make list - think you have just spurred me on to make some in time for Christmas! X

  2. The pattern for these was from a back issue of Mollie Makes (issue 6 I think)I was able to download it from The Making Spot website as I don't have the copy itself. Have tried to buy one from Ebay as it is out of print but always get outbid!